Natural Energy and Focus

Natural Energy and Focus

At one time or another we’ve all experienced it, that “just can’t get going” or “just can’t get motivated” feeling. You’ve hit the snooze button too many times and it’s either way too bright outside or way too gloomy. It’s way too cold or too hot and you can’t find anything you need. Consequently, it’s the dreaded Monday morning meeting at work, or you have way too many things to do and you cannot focus Friday. You can rush, stress, moan and run around pulling your hair, or you can combine some good morning habits with ETHA all-natural kratom and add natural energy and focus to your everyday. 

Try adding our all natural ETHA kratom to your daily routine to enhance both emotional and physical well-being. Make the most out of each moment and seize each day with newfound natural energy and focus.

Caffeine vs Alkaloids

Do not compromise a great start to your day. Although coffee can boost your energy levels, the side effects of caffeine may be detrimental. Caffeine is known to cause anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, muscle breakdown, addiction, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, fatigue, and frequent urination and urgency. The temporary energy boost does not outweigh the side effects.

Fortunately, kratom can serve as a natural alternative to coffee. This all-natural botanical is caffeine-free. Therefore, you won’t experience some of the side effects that caffeine may bring. Combining ETHA kratom with caffeine drinks like coffee and tea can also be a great energy booster. Try ETHA Premium Sunrise Kratom – supports natural energy levels and help get your day started and keep it going.†

etha kratom natural energy focus caffeine

We’ve recently had the pleasure to pair up with Sustainable Living Consultant, Monica Richards, @theecobabe. Monica’s social presence is focused on health and wellness, with a mission to empower followers to “live more sustainably.”  Like many of us, she loves and depends on her coffee. Take a look at what she had to say once she gave our ETHA kratom a try.


Sustainable Living Consultant Monica Uses ETHA

Bio-Active Alkaloids and ‘Clean Energy’

Kratom naturally produces nitrogen-based chemicals called alkaloids that can have pronounced physiological actions on humans.  Kratom produces over 40 known alkaloids. Some of these alkaloids like mitragynine, mitraphylline, and ryhnchophylline, are researched for their ability to be vasodilators. Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels allowing for better blood and oxygen flow. This is what gives people the ‘clean energy’ boost. Better flow can translate to better energy so you can start the day off right.

ETHA lab tests every harvest and uses ones that have higher naturally occurring concentrations of vasodilator alkaloids to make SunRise and Maeng Da premium kratom.

Maintain Your Focus

Even when you’ve had a great start to your day, once that 3 PM rolls around you find yourself staring aimlessly, scrolling through Instagram when you should be proofreading a report, or making a grocery list when you should be making an Excel spreadsheet.  Too many things to do and too much going on at once can make even the most organized overwhelmed and instinctively affect productivity.


ETHA Premium MidDay Gold Kratom is a way to help increase your focus naturally. We formulate this blend to encourage concentration and support a productive workday.†   MidDay Gold may also naturally ease feelings of anxiety from being inside all day.† An added plus for office and indoor workers!

IT Professional Ryan Uses ETHA

Despite the many hurdles, the challenges and the discomfort, there are ways you can restore your body’s natural energy levels with ETHA Natural Botanicals. Select the best ETHA energy kratom for you and LIVE FULLY.

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